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VIII International specialised exhibition
01–04 June 2017, Khabarovsk
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Moving towards globalisation of the exhibition market

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EFEA: Plenary session «The role of the regional marketing in attracting investments into the economy of a region/ country»

The plenary meeting of the Europe+Asia Event Forum gave floor to a discussion dedicated to improving the image of cities and regions in order to attract investments to the economy and the role of event marketing in these processes.


Business activity shows improvement at EFEA

January 22 PetroCongress Congress Centre in St. Petersburg hosted an official opening ceremony of the 4th edition of Europe+Asia Event Forum known as a one-of-a kind MICE-industry event.

Congress 2014

Far East International Forestry Congress
Far-East Forestry Development Strategy
April 17 – 20, 2014, Khabarovsk

(Draft date February 17, 2014)


April 17, 2014, Thursday


Congress opening. Opening address. Greetings


Session: Far-East Forestry Development Strategy
Questions for discussion:

  • Forestry of the Far East. Its role in the overall forestry structure of the Russian Federation. Impact on the social and economic development of the Far East as a whole;
  • Implementation of decisions of the State Council;
  • Far-East Forestry development priorities;
  • International cooperation;
  • Wooden house construction: implementation of housing rehabilitation programmes.


Coffee break


Session: Implementation of the subprogramme 'Development of forestry in the Far East and Baikal region. Step one'
Questions for discussion:

  • Comprehensive monitoring of forests and forest resources;
  • Reducing infrastructure constraints, in particular by establishing a network of multi-purpose forest roads and all-year-round logging roads;
  • Formation of a macro-regional investment map;
  • Establishing a marketing chain to promote forest products in the domestic market and external markets of Asia-Pacific countries;
  • Modernisation and re-equipment of existing logging companies;
  • Training and retraining of professional personnel;
  • Conducting research and development engineering activities aimed at diversifying the existing innovative woodworking operations.


Lunch break


Eurasian bioenergy conference: Bioenergy. Prospects for the development of alternative energy
Questions for discussion:

  • The current situation and trends in the development of bioenergy in the Far East: figures, facts, opinions;
  • The needs of the Russian and foreign markets;
  • Raw materials for bioenergy;
  • Equipment for the production of biofuels, its use and storage;
  • Modernisation of forest bioenergy. The use of modern technology;
  • Biofuel production and combustion; processing of low-grade and low-value wood.
  • International cooperation. What is stopping it, and what is needed for the growth of cooperation?
  • Municipal bioenergy, energy supply in small populated places, small pellet business.
  • Green energy: net profit or environment?


Conference: Wooden construction

Session: Restoring the housing in the flood zone
Questions for discussion:

  • Scope of required construction;
  • Analysis of the housing restoration progress;
  • Development sites in affected regions;
  • Construction of enterprises focused on the development of wooden construction.

Session: Technology and construction elements. Market analysis and market opportunities.
Questions for discussion:

  • Study of competitive advantages of technologies for industrial production of wooden structures, wood frame housing construction and systems to construct low-rise buildings with the use of wood and wood material;
  • Efficient technologies and equipment for wooden house construction;
  • Resource and production capability of forestry businesses to manufacture wooden building structures;
  • Ways to increase the share of wood in the competitive building materials market;
  • Existing and future demand for wooden houses in the Far East;
  • Raw material supply for the wood house construction.

Round table: Woodworking in the Far East
Questions for discussion:

  • Market trends of the wood board industry. Forecast of the industry development.
  • New technologies and products in the wood board industry.
  • Modernisation of existing plants. The opportunities to reduce production costs and improve environmental safety.
  • Increasing harvested wood utilisation efficiency.
  • Wood processing and manufacture of wood products in the Far East.
  • Science for the business: prospective developments and new technologies in the saw milling and woodworking.


April 20, 2014, Friday


Round table: Sustainable forest management. Reforestation. Regional differences in forest managementbr/> Questions for discussion:


  • Legal, economic, organisational and environmental aspects of regional sustainable development of forest complexes;
  • Intensive forest management. New technologies in forest management;
  • Administrative barriers and bureaucratic expenditures in the allocation of forest resources;
  • Technology and equipment to provide favourable conditions for natural reforestation;
  • Russian forest monitoring: the current status, problems and prospects.
  • Non-exhaustive forest management. Reforestation in the Far East: "virtual" activities or real efforts?
  • Forest genetics and selection for reforestation: improving the forest gene resources;
  • Ball-rooted plants, forest seed zoning;
  • Organisation of nursery forest gardens in the Far East as reforestation tool;
  • Forest fires. Measures to prevent, detect and fight forest fires;
  • Forest ecosystems and preservation of environmental balance;
  • Personnel matters in the forestry system.


Round table: Logging and sawmilling in the Far East. Infrastructure development.
Questions for discussion:

  • Relationship between tenant and owner;
  • Providing added-value wood conversion enterprises with forest concession;
  • Key changes in the Rules for timber harvesting;
  • The opportunities to reduce production costs and improve environmental safety, modern logging technology;
  • Logistics and forest roads. Mechanisms for financing the construction of logging roads. Logging road construction techniques;
  • Sawmill development strategies;
  • Promising points of growth of woodworking equipment: forecast for 2014–2015;
  • Activities of foreign companies. Features for entering and working in the Russian market.
  • Modern wood conversion technologies. Can small and medium-sized businesses do it? What equipment suppliers are willing to offer?
  • Credit programmes for small businesses;
  • Forest products sale analysis. What is sold, and what will be sold.
  • Transportation costs for forest products: a buyer's or seller's problem?
  • End user needs. Analysis of sectors that are major consumers of forest products.


Round table: Forest policies and certification
Questions for discussion:

  • A new stage in the forest administration. Russian forestry: what is in prospect? Russian forest policy;
  • Illegal logging and trade: the introduction of the EU legislation in March 2013;
  • Forest certification. Growth in demand for certified products in the domestic market;
  • The state's role in ensuring the competitiveness of responsible forest users.
  • Countering illegal logging


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