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Change Management

Why to change business processes and management? How will it result in a company’s workflow? How to prevent failures? The questions were answered by international experts at the open seminar in PetroCongress Congress Centre in St. Petersburg.   

The seminar “Change management – be prepared for the future. How to manage business transformation processes successfully” was held on the occasion of the Europe+Asia Event Forum 2015 (EFEA) organised for the fourth time in the Northern Capital.

The seminar was moderated by Karla Juegel, Founder & CEO Messe | Marketing, and Janos Barabas, UFI Vice-President, President CENTREX, CEFA General Secretary.  

According to experts, the exhibition industry reflects the economy and thus constantly faces related challenges, such as demand concerns, changes in customer needs, their behavior and even changes in trust.

The seminar featured presentation of MCC2, an international training programme covering the basics of change management in the exhibition business and the meetings industry. Messe Marketing has been running these open seminars since 2012. MCC2 programme brings together top managers and heads of various companies and organisations, helping them make use of experience exchange as they discuss their business practices and projects. MCC2 grants every participant an array of useful skills and competencies, which are crucial for becoming an innovative manager.

Janos Barabas states that the exhibition industry still has enough time to get prepared for the future. “If you company faces business combination, change of ownership or leadership, reorganisation, restructuring, it is important for you to learn more about change management, MCC2 and business transformation processes,” indicated the expert.

In St. Petersburg, the MCC2 programme is co-managed by the R&C Market Research Company and targets the experts from the Russian Federation and CIS.

Source: Expobr.ru

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