Far East

VIII International specialised exhibition
01–04 June 2017, Khabarovsk
Русская версия

The event completed

Mass-Media Accreditation Regulations

Dear colleagues,

To work at the event of TECHNODREV Far East and Far East International Forestry Congress, you have to obtain accreditation.

Accreditation is obligatory and follows the Law of the Russian Federation On mass media.

Accreditation Regulations

A right to be accredited for the events shall belong to the media personnel registered in compliance with the Law of the Russian Federation On mass media.

  1. The persons different from media personnel or representatives of advertising publications, catalogues or Internet resources not dealing with economic or political news shall have no right for media accreditation.
  2. The Organiser shall have a right to refuse accreditation to the representatives of advertising agencies, publications, catalogues or Internet resources not dealing with industrial or economic news or media personnel without justification.
  3. Accreditation shall give a right of free attendance of plenary sessions, exhibitions, the press conference and other events stipulated by the programme of the event, where the journalists shall be given information materials.
  4. Accreditation to some events shall be limited and subject to special confirmation.
  5. Accreditation shall not imply admission to the events accessible through special invitations.
  6. Accreditation shall not give a right to disseminate advertising materials, such as leaflets, booklets or printed matter, in the venue of the event.
  7. No advertising materials shall be disseminated without the Organiser’s written permission.
  8. Number of Accreditations from one media outlet:
    • two persons at the most per media outlet for printed matter, radio and Internet resources
    • four TV men at the most per TV channel
  9. Accreditation badges and materials for mass-media shall be available at the Mass-Media Registration Counter in the venue of the event.
  10. A badge shall be available provided the on-line accreditation request has been confirmed or production of the press card or upon production of a letter printed on the official letterhead, signed by the editor-in-chief and affixed with the seal of the media outlet.
  11. The badge available upon accreditation shall be personal and untransferrable to any third parties. It shall be worn throughout the work of the event.
  12. Advertising managers of specialised mass-media collaborating with the Organiser in holding the event shall be accredited as Event Participants. The journalists of specialised mass-media shall be accredited according to the standard procedure. The accredited media personnel shall have a right to
    • attend business and exhibition events;
    • make video or photo records in the venue of the event;
    • use all services intend for journalists;
    • obtain information on the official events and exhibitions;
    • work at the press centre during the event and use its infrastructure;
    • take part in press conferences, briefing meetings etc.
  13. An accredited journalist shall
    • check reliability of the information reported;
    • produce his/her press card or another document of identification and journalist’s authorities in the course of his/her professional activity if and when requested;
    • abstain from photo or video shooting if security officials ask so;
    • using official information or direct quotations from event participants, the media materials shall refer to the event and the source of the information acquired.
Quotation policy

  1. Media personnel are kindly asked to observe the rules regarding the use of official information.
  2. Using official information or direct quotations from event participants, the media materials shall refer to the event. Electronic media shall provide a link to the respective website. No alteration, extension or distortion of any quoted information shall be allowed.
  3. If the shots or video records made in the course of the events, including those made by non-professional equipment, were used in mass media, they shall refer to the venue and the time of the shooting.
  4. No film or video tape footage shall be used without the Organiser’s permission.